Keep Your Bike in Great Shape with Preventative Maintenance

March 29, 2018

Springtime is here, and it’s the time of year when many motorcycle owners bring their bikes out of the garage and gear them up for a season full of adventure. Getting a spring tune-up for your bike can help you make sure it stays in good operating condition all year long and well into the future.

So, what are some of the preventative maintenance tasks associated with these regular tune-ups? Here’s what you can expect to get some attention on your bike when you take it in to a motorcycle mechanic in Hendersonville, NC.


One of the first steps in a spring tune-up for a motorcycle is checking all of the various fluid levels in the bike. You should always change the oil and replace the filterat the start of the season, even if you have enough oil in the system—it’s been sitting there all winter long and fresh oil will get you off on the right foot for a new season of riding.

You should bleed out the brake fluid and then refill with brand new brake fluid as well. Check for any cracks or wear in the brake lines and pads and replace them if needed. This is a good general rule—if something doesn’t look close to 100 percent, it’s a good idea to replace it at the start of the new season, especially with regard to brakes.

Finally, make sure to replace the fuel filter so you don’t have to deal with debris that might have gotten into the tank over the winter. If you had any gas remaining in the bike, remove it and add fresh gas.


Carefully analyze the battery before starting the bike up for the first time. Cold weather can be difficult on the battery. Check for signs of white powder forming on the battery—if you see it, you’ll likely need to make a replacement. If not, hook the battery up to your trickle charger or tender and charge it up before putting it back onto the bike.

Spark plugs

Check your spark plugs for any signs of wear and tear. If you have dirty electrodes, you’ll want to replace those spark plugs before you head out on the road. Makesure you don’t over-tighten the spark plugs when you put them back on. Otherwise, you could potentially damage your engine. If you notice any cracks in the wires, you should replace them as well.


Check the tension of your chain. If it’s too loose, use your wheel adjusters to adjust that tension. If the chain is dirty at all, spray it with some WD-40 and let it soak in, then scrub it down with a bristle brush. Once you’ve completed cleaning it, lube it up and you’ll be ready to go.


Last but not least, check your tires before taking to the road. Look for cracks, signs of wear and tear or flat spots. If the tires look good to go, then fill them up with air to the appropriate pressure level and you’ll be all set. If they look worn down, you should seriously consider replacing them before driving the bike anywhere.

For more information about preventative motorcycle maintenance, contact a skilled motorcycle mechanic in Hendersonville, NC today.

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