Why You Should Upgrade Your Motorcycle Exhaust

April 18, 2018

Many motorcyclists choose to add custom exhausts to their bikes. There are a variety of reasons why you might consider doing this, but perhaps the most common reason we hear from customers at our Harley shop in Hendersonville, NC is that bikers wish to increase the performance of their bike. Both power and efficiency can be significantly improved when using an aftermarket exhaust system.

In general, factory exhaust systems are built to meet the minimum requirements from the manufacturer, just so the performance of the bike matches its specifications. Manufacturers want to get the biggest bang for their buck, so they’re not going to spend more on parts than is necessary. Therefore, if you are passionate about your bike and want to increase performance in certain areas, making those upgrades is your responsibility.

Here are a few other reasons why upgrading your exhaust might be a good idea:

  • It will keep your engine running optimally: The exhaust system pushes the exhaust to the back of the bike, keeping it away from your engine. Because the system works so closely to the engine and must handle the high temperatures created by fuel combustion, the pipes need to be able to handle extreme temperature fluctuations. The exhaust system also makes the ride much more tolerable, as it helps keep down the engine noise and vibration, which would otherwise make it much more difficult to ride and balance on the bike.
  • You’ll be able to set your own standards: OEM exhaust systems will meet all manufacturer standards for horsepower, noise and emissions, but your personal standards could very well be different than the manufacturer’s, especially when it comes to power. Aftermarket motorcycle exhausts can help you amp up the power on your bike without having to worry about these emissions requirements or sound restrictions. You’ll still need to meet emissions requirements for your state, but these could be different than manufacturer standards.
  • You can increase the power of your engine: Factory-made exhaust systems do not breathe as well as aftermarket ones. This means the fuel being burned in the system will travel more slowly away from the engine. This will reduce the noise being generated by the engine, but also prevents it from achieving its full potential with regard to torque and horsepower. Aftermarket exhaust systems push the fuel and heat away more quickly, increasing the power you can achieve with your bike.
  • Upgrading is better than removing: One might think that entirely removing an exhaust system will lead to significantly better horsepower and torque. However, there are a variety of reasons why you should opt for an upgrade rather than complete removal. For one thing, you would not be able to stand the noise while riding a bike without an exhaust system, and that noise could cause major hearing damage. In addition, you need to get the spent gas and fumes away from your bike. Otherwise, you’d be sitting in a dust cloud while riding.

For more information about upgrading your exhaust, contact our Harley shop in Hendersonville, NC.

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