Tire Maintenance Tips from a Motorcycle Mechanic in Hendersonville, NC

May 2, 2018

Considering your tires on your motorcycle are all that separate your bike from the road, it’s important to make sure they remain in great condition at all times. Integrating some simple tire care practices into your riding and maintenance routine will go a long way toward keeping those tires in outstanding shape.

Here are some tire maintenance tips you should follow from a motorcycle mechanic in Hendersonville, NC.

Keep the correct pressure

One factor that can influence how quickly your motorcycle tires wear down is the pressure you keep the tires at. You should routinely check your tire pressure and make sure it is within the range specified in your motorcycle owner’s manual. Properly inflated tires will last longer and will promote better braking, fuel efficiency and traction, while also reducing the risk of tire failure while you’re out on the road.

You should always check the pressure of your tires while they are cold; do this before you go out for a ride. Use a high-quality gauge specifically designed for checking motorcycle tire pressure. Harley-Davidson has a digital tire pressure gauge that is a favorite among bikers that offers accurate readings in increments of 0.50 psi up to 60 psi. Keep in mind that gauges can become inaccurate over time as well due to general wear and tear, so they may need to be replaced at some point.

Check the load capacity

If you exceed the load capacity of your bike, it’s likely you’ll experience a loss of control or sudden tire failure, either of which could lead to an accident. Any time you add passengers or luggage, you should be sure you’re staying within the bike’s load capacity. This information will be included in your owner’s manual.

Keep in mind that load capacity is also tied to your tire pressure. For every 4 psi your tire is underinflated, you could lose about 80 pounds of load capacity.

Replace old and worn tires

Take some time when checking or adjusting your tire pressure to inspect the tires for cuts, wear and tear or punctures. If there is excessive damage, you should contact a tire shop immediately. Worn tires can have a significant negative impact on your ability to maintain control over the bike, as traction will be greatly reduced. You should not wait until the tread reaches the bare minimum before you replace it. Once the tire gets to 1/32 of an inch or below, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Choose high-quality tires

When you do purchase tires, make sure they’re a good-quality brand. Harley-Davidson has partnered with Michelin and Dunlop, and there are several other brands with a solid reputation as well. Tires are the last things on your bike you want to cheap out on, because they have the biggest effect on your safety while riding.

For more information about tire maintenance, contact a motorcycle mechanic in Hendersonville, NC at R & P Cycle Supply and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about replacing your tires.

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