Put Some Fun Between Your Legs: Why You Should Ride a Harley

June 19, 2018

“Why do you like riding a Harley?” Just about everyone who rides a Harley-Davidson has been asked this very question. First off, Harley owners love their bikes. To these folks, there’s no other style or brand of motorcycle that compares or comes remotely close to their Harley-Davidson. Sure, Harley-Davidson is an older brand, but it has kept up its image and quality throughout the years.

Here are some reasons why your local Harley shop in Hendersonville, NC recommends riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

  • Solid and stable bike: You can tell just by looking at a Harley that it’s a heavy motorcycle, and it’s this weight that makes it a fantastic option for touring. If you ask anyone who has done high-speed touring, they will tell you that touring on lightweight bikes can be a real battle, from getting blown all over the roadway to taking a beating from the seat and the elements. Harleys may not move as fast as lighter bikes, but they make up for that with their road stability, thanks to greater rake angles and longer wheelbases. So, while a Harley won’t be winning races, it’s a good bike for riding across the country.
  • Has a V-twin motor: If you thought a Harley was just a bulky, old, slow-moving bike, think again! A Harley-Davidson is a heavy bike with a V-twin motor. Together, these two things give you a machine that turns road touring into a truly pleasurable experience. Again, a Harley isn’t going to win a race, but having a blockhead engine means you’re riding on a machine with some powerful torque behind it. Having ample torque helps you roll on the throttle without having to worry about gear or speed, which is especially beneficial when you’re riding along, enjoying the countryside.
  • Built to last a long time: Older Harleys were designed to leak, but whether you own an older or newer bike, considering their lack of liquid cooling, you can ride easy knowing your engine is healthy and strong. With proper care and maintenance, Harley-Davidson engines can last a long time. And even if something happens, most engines are re-buildable.
  • You’ll always receive great customer service: Because it’s not hard to find a Harley-Davidson dealer, you won’t have to worry about not being able to find repair services or parts when you need them. And you can even send the bike back to the factory to be rebuilt should your engine burn up. In addition, some Harley dealers go out of the way for customers, providing stellar customer service to individuals stranded on the side of the road.
  • Easy to maintain and work on: While you should take your Harley to a mechanic for regular checkups and service, there’s some basic cleaning and maintenance you can perform yourself, such as cleaning the carburetor and valve adjustments and wiping down the exterior.

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