Warm Weather Riding Tips from an Experienced Motorcycle Mechanic in Hendersonville, NC

July 3, 2018

People who love to ride motorcycles don’t take certain seasons off, not even summer. The key to a safe ride every time is being prepared for the heat. Below are some warm weather riding tips brought to you by an experienced motorcycle mechanic in Hendersonville, NC.

Avoid the hottest times of the day

Motorcyclists need to be wary of the weather before heading out on a ride or long trip, especially on hot summer days. If at all possible, don’t hit the road during the hottest times of the day, usually between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. After all, there’s more daylight in the summer months, which means there will be light whether you head out early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Sure, riding in the middle of a summer day is convenient, but this is when the sun is most intense. Wait until the morning, late afternoon or early evening and you can enjoy cool weather, quieter roads and less traffic.

Wear warm weather gear

As a motorcycle rider, you need to wear the right gear to protect your body. However, you need to figure out how to prevent your body from overheating when riding your bike in the summertime. Wear clothing that allows your body heat to regulate, as well as a layer of protection to guard your skin against road debris and accidents. Keeping in mind that leather doesn’t breathe well in the heat and absorbs heat from the sun, look for a summer-appropriate ventilated motorcycle jacket that comes with elbow pads and offers spinal protection.

Does wearing shorts and open shoes sound like a good idea? Although they can keep you cool, they won’t protect you from rocks and other kicked-up road debris or the hot air from your motorcycle’s engine. As for helmets, you could choose a half helmet, which offers ventilation but the least amount of head protection. Alternatively, stick with your full-protection helmet throughout the summer.

Stay hydrated

It’s imperative that you maintain adequate hydration in hot weather. Biking or not, your body will sweat more in an attempt to cool itself down, but because sweat evaporates quickly, it can be hard to estimate just how much fluid you’re losing. It’s for this reason—and the fact that you need to replace lost fluids—that you must sip water often while riding. Consider investing in a CamelBak for convenience, which you can fill with water and wear like a backpack and sip through a tube-straw. If you know you’ll be riding on a hot day, fill up on water-heavy fruits and vegetables, like watermelon, grapes, celery and cucumbers.

Make frequent stops

Plan on making frequent stops throughout your trip to cool off, such as stopping at rest stops, parks, gas stations, rivers or lakes, or in towns. This gives you a chance to rehydrate, cool down your skin, eat some food and revitalize yourself.

If you need to schedule a summertime checkup with a motorcycle mechanic in Hendersonville, NC, call R & P Cycle Supply today!

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