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Put Some Fun Between Your Legs: Why You Should Ride a Harley

June 19, 2018

“Why do you like riding a Harley?” Just about everyone who rides a Harley-Davidson has been asked this very question. First off, Harley owners love their bikes. To these folks, there’s no other style or brand of motorcycle that compares or comes remotely close to their Harley-Davidson. Sure, Harley-Davidson is an older brand, but it has kept up its image and quality throughout the years. Here are some reasons why your local Harley shop in Hendersonville, NC recommends riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle: Solid and stable bike: You can tell just by looking at a Harley that it’s a heavy motorcycle,... View Article

Reasons Why Your Harley Isn’t Starting

June 1, 2018

One of the most common calls we get at our Harley shop in Hendersonville, NC is from motorcycle owners saying, “My bike won’t start!” There are, of course, a wide variety of reasons why you might have problems getting your bike started up. Even motorcycles within the same make and model can vary widely based on their usage and care, so the cause won’t always be the same. However, here are a few of the most common reasons why you might have problems getting your motorcycle to start up properly: Your bike has been neglected: Motorcycles are usually seasonal vehicles,... View Article

Brake Maintenance Tips for Harleys

May 18, 2018

Brake maintenance is extremely important for motorcycles. After all, your brakes bring your vehicle safely to a stop. But there are a number of issues that can happen with the brakes over time if you fail to properly maintain them. For example, brake fluid can collect condensation from outside air, which might lead to a spongy brake feel and an inability to brake as quickly as you need to. You might also suffer from corrosion or general wear and tear on parts of your brakes, which can make them unsafe for operation. With this in mind, here are some brake... View Article

Tire Maintenance Tips from a Motorcycle Mechanic in Hendersonville, NC

May 2, 2018

Considering your tires on your motorcycle are all that separate your bike from the road, it’s important to make sure they remain in great condition at all times. Integrating some simple tire care practices into your riding and maintenance routine will go a long way toward keeping those tires in outstanding shape. Here are some tire maintenance tips you should follow from a motorcycle mechanic in Hendersonville, NC. Keep the correct pressure One factor that can influence how quickly your motorcycle tires wear down is the pressure you keep the tires at. You should routinely check your tire pressure and... View Article

Why You Should Upgrade Your Motorcycle Exhaust

April 18, 2018

Many motorcyclists choose to add custom exhausts to their bikes. There are a variety of reasons why you might consider doing this, but perhaps the most common reason we hear from customers at our Harley shop in Hendersonville, NC is that bikers wish to increase the performance of their bike. Both power and efficiency can be significantly improved when using an aftermarket exhaust system. In general, factory exhaust systems are built to meet the minimum requirements from the manufacturer, just so the performance of the bike matches its specifications. Manufacturers want to get the biggest bang for their buck, so... View Article

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