Motorcycle Repair Services in Hendersonville, NC

R & P Cycle Supply is ready to provide a complete range of repair and maintenance services to your motorcycle. Our shop specializes in Harleys, however we strive to deliver exemplary repairs to any bike that rolls in. Some of our core capabilities include:

In addition to service for Harleys, we also provide minor repairs to Metric bikes. Our goal is to help you ride safely and on a bike that’s perfectly tuned for performance.

To schedule a service appointment, please contact R & P Cycle Supply today at 828-654-7772. We’ll be glad to give your bike the unique attention it needs to ride smoothly.

Oil Changes
Keep your bike’s motor in clean working order with routine motorcycle oil changes in Hendersonville, NC. We’ll make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Treads running light? Problems with handling or traction? We’ll replace your tires to restore your bike’s handling and maneuverability. We offer a great selection of motorcycle tires in Hendersonville, NC.

Electrical problems don’t bode well for your bike. Let us test and replace your battery to prevent minor electrical issues. From becoming major ones.

Looking to upgrade your stock bike? We install aftermarket mods to help you personalize and customize your bike to any degree you want—from foot pegs to gas tanks and everything in between.

Whether you need repairs for your stock exhaust or you’re putting on an aftermarket system, count on us to get the job done right.

Engine Work
We’re engine experts when it comes to your Harley and will gladly provide engine work that keeps your bike running at full capacity.

Transmission Work
Transmission troubles can spell doom for your bike. Our team addresses your transmission troubles entirely, to resolve them before they cost you more frustration and money.

Engine Diagnostics
Is your bike’s engine running at peak efficiency? Let us run diagnostics to see what’s holding it back and what can be done to tune it better.

Tuning your bike is a great way to enhance its performance and optimize things like fuel economy and torque. We use comprehensive diagnostics to tune your bike to perfection.

Re-Flash Stock ECM
If your bike is running lean, an ECM flash could restore performance. Let us re-flash your stock ECM if your performance is waning.